The compassionate care your loved one deserves. Our team of certified care managers brings over 100 combined years of experience working with adult children who find themselves in the role of caregiver. Don’t go it alone. Learn more about our services for older adults. Learn More Are you overwhelmed trying to juggle caregiving, work, kids, finances, and your own well-being? Caring for an individual who needs assistance due to aging, dementia, disability or serious illness can be challenging. During this time or a time of crisis, even the most loving, well-intentioned families struggle to effectively juggle everything on their plate. You're not alone. Learn about the real cost of being a family caregiver in our infographic. Download the Infographic

Life Care Management Decision
Support & Implementation

Our compassionate team of Geriatric/Aging Life Care Managers (GCM) serves family caregivers, medical professionals, and professional family advisors in Maryland and South/Central Pennsylvania. Caring for an individual who needs assistance due to aging, dementia, disability or serious illness can be challenging. Don’t go it alone. The Option Group has over 100 years of experience navigating the healthcare maze and has access to hundreds of resources to assist you.

The Option Group’s team of Geriatric/Aging Life Care Managers (GCM) serves Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
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For Family

Family Caregivers Deserve Support for Their Loved Ones

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Your Patients Need
Support at Home

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Family Advisors

Help Your Clients With Life's Biggest Decisions

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Hear from Our Care Management Team

The video below introduces you to our care management team. You’ll hear their personal experiences in working with families and how proud they are to connect our clients with the exceptional care that they deserve.

Clear Choices. Better Care.

The Option Group is dedicated to offering comprehensive care management services for older adults, adults with disabilities, and adults with chronic illness. From Life Care Management services to family caregiver support, we want to give your loved one and your family the best quality of life possible.

Decision Support & Implementation

  1. Crisis Intervention
  2. Healthcare Navigation
  3. Facility Placement
  4. Healthcare Budgeting
  1. Family Education
  2. Resource Coordination
  3. Patient Advocacy
  4. Legal Resources

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10 Ways to Love Your Brain

By Pamela Mills MA, CTRS, CADDCTDementia Specialist / Educator / Care Manager Every brain is at risk to develop Alzheimer's disease or related dementia.  These cognitive changes are linked to a decline in the brain that over time kills nerve cells and tissue,...

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What You Should Know Before a Health Crisis

Join The Option Group and fellow providers on Tuesday, June 15th at 3pm for an interactive opportunity to learn about healthcare services, and provider types to plan for a better health outcome in the event of a crisis. To register online click here or call Mark Asch...

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