Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants

Our team of professional Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants, Counselors, and Nurse Case Managers, are dedicated to helping those with chronic illness and diseases navigate their options. They are also able to provide injured workers with options to guide them to a safe and cost effective recovery from their work-related injuries. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, our counselors and nurses understand the important relationship between injured workers, their employers, attorneys, and insurers, and medical treatment team, and work to achieve the highest level of interaction between all parties, leading to more successful outcomes. The high level of competency, knowledge and creativity of our professionals allows them to work to achieve a cost effective resolution that can help individuals reclaim their lives after a devastating injury or illness.

Commercial Workers’ Compensation Services

Our team of professional Consultants are also uniquely positioned to assist organizations with their administrative and management needs as they relate to Workers’ Compensation matters. It is not uncommon that organizations lack (or need) a resource to manage the operational requirements associated with the employee injuries and claims. At The Option Group, we offer interim, temporary or part-time contract assistance with a variety of tasks or actions, such as:

  • Managing initial contact and assessment of the injured employee accompanied with immediate action plan
  • Overseeing medical treatments and assessments
  • Scheduling and coordinating Team meetings, interviews and vocational assessments
  • Insurance Carrier interaction and coordination
  • Reporting functions, typically associated with claims summary data, “lasered” claims analysis and protocols, identifying trends, etc.

Our Consultants understand that organizations need to optimally manage their Workers’ Compensation program. They also know how to successfully manage the delicate balance of relationships internal to the organization (Human Resources, Legal, Procurement) and with those essential third party organizations (including the Brokers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, etc.). The high level of competency, knowledge and creativity of our professionals typically translates into a better managed and controlled organization, mitigating and minimizing current and future costs and expenses associated with injured employees by proactively realizing an earlier return to work.

Vocational Services Offered

  • Early Return to Work (RTW) Services and programs, tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Proactive Rehabilitation Intervention by providing commercial concierge services to assist employers and injured workers to proactively maximize advocacy and communications, and minimize lost work time from the onset of injury.
  • On-site Job Analysis, with the option of corresponding video
  • Presentation of analyses to physicians, PTs, OTs and other medical professionals involved in treatment
  • Job Evaluation, creation of modified, light duty or transitional duty positions to facilitate early RTW
  • RTW monitoring, in person, or telephonically and regular reporting/communication with all parties
  • Vocational Counseling, Job Coaching, Job Training and Work Adjustment Counseling during transition
  • Labor Market Surveys, Earning Power Evaluations & Transferrable Skills Analysis in MD and PA
  • Prevocational Preparation and Job Search Skills Resume Development
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Job Placement Services
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Crisis Intervention

Giving Clients the Options They Deserve

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