Life Care Management for Veterans

Veterans have unique healthcare needs when maintaining a high quality of living after their military service. Care coordination for veterans can bridge the gap between the care that your family can offer, the care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the care that your loved one deserves. The Option Group provides life care management for veterans, connecting your family with the quality care that our veterans deserve.

Our care team and skilled case managers create plans tailored to each individual. From veterans in need of VA primary care to specialized treatment to manage PTSD symptoms, we know that each individual is unique.

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What is Life Care Management

Veteran in Rehab

Life Care Managers are specialized, educated professionals committed to providing comprehensive assistance to family caregivers, veterans, and others in need of help. Our Life Care managers ensure that veterans maintain a high standard of care and the best quality of life possible by coordinating programs and advocating for our clients.

Just as necessary, our Life Care Managers also coordinate care for family caregivers in need of additional assistance. If you are experiencing signs of burnout or unsure how to connect your loved one with the best care for veterans, The Option Group is here to help.

Unlike other programs, Life Care management uses a holistic view of the aging process to provide veterans with a comprehensive assistance plan that covers every aspect of aging. Life Care Managers must pass rigorous standards to achieve and maintain membership in the Aging Life Care Association. This additional training sets high standards and ensures that the care we provide is unparalleled for veterans and aging adults.

What Are the Benefits of Life Care Management?

Are you experiencing roadblocks when working with the Department of Veterans Affairs and VA hospitals to secure care for your loved one? Is there so much red tape in the healthcare systems that your loved one does not receive the level of care they require? Do you have trouble understanding how to navigate the health care systems? Do you feel that organizations are more concerned about their bottom line than caring for your loved one?

Life Care management is the answer.
At The Option Group, our Life Care managers simplify the complex situations that occur throughout a veteran’s life. We can assist with mental health care, crisis intervention, estate planning, facility placement, resource coordination, and more. Our experienced Life Care Managers offer care coordination for veterans and provide you with the peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for. We provide the compassion and skill they deserve.

What Veteran Life Care Management Services Does The Option Group Provide?

Crisis Intervention

Veterans, seniors, adults with disabilities, and those in need of qualified managed care plans can require crisis intervention. Our care managers advocate on your loved one’s behalf. During emergency room visits, hospitalizations, or rehabilitation stays, we ensure care coordination with doctors and all care team members.

Healthcare Navigation

Life Care Managers improve care coordination and assist with successfully navigating complex health care networks, VA hospitals, and other resources for veterans. From scheduling VA primary care appointments to creating managed care plans, our team facilitates communication between your family and the medical professionals you rely on.

Community & Facility Placement

Suppose your loved one needs the level of care provided by an assisted living facility, nursing home, or another care facility. In that case, we guide you through the available options and help you make the best decision for yourself and your loved one.

Healthcare Budgeting

The financial aspects of seeking care for a veteran can be intimidating, and resources can be challenging to find. Our Life Care Professionals aid veterans with disabilities and others who need assistance. Suppose help is needed in managing their finances. In that case, we provide in-depth knowledge of community resources, veteran’s resources, volunteer groups, and more.

Family Education

Family education is a critical component of care coordination for veterans. We are here to answer your questions, help identify solutions to challenges, reduce stress, and ensure a better quality of life for you.

Resources Coordination

Veterans, disabled veterans, and other aging adults have access to many different community resources that you may not know exist. Our team will help you find the best resources for your situation.

Patient Advocacy

Life Care Managers advocate tirelessly for every patient, especially our treasured veterans.

Legal Resources

Our team has access to skilled legal counsel to assist with any legal needs that your family may require.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About
Veteran Life Care Management?

To learn more about Life Care Managers and how our compassionate efforts can help your family, contact The Option Group today.

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