Managed Care for Retired Athletes

Athletes have careers unlike any other type of professional. Instead of heading to the office for the day, they might be found on the field or in the arena. Unfortunately, many adults who dedicated their lives to providing entertainment for the rest of us suffer health challenges later in life. Participating in exercise is a great way to stay healthy, but in high-impact sports where sports-related injuries are common, adults can pay the price later in life.
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While today we know more about the risk factors that participating in sports can lead to later in life, many aging athletes were unaware. Some professional organizations have set an example for caring for aging athletes by providing coverage for older athletes suffering from ALS, dementia, and other conditions. At The Option Group, we are well-positioned to help support such programs.

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Older Adult Athletes Have Unique Risks and Advantages

The problems that are common in other senior populations can also be found in older adult athletes, but they also have unique risks. Musculoskeletal injuries from decades ago can complicate future injuries. A concussion history increases the risk of dementia.

Older adult athletes often have a greater interest in staying active and participating in physical activity. This can decrease the risk of other problems common in seniors, like heart disease, but when you have an unusual, physically demanding career, you need a customized care plan.

Managed Care for Athletes

Athletes with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy deserve exceptional care. Their caregivers also deserve support to help augment their efforts. Whether you or a loved one is an older adult athlete or a younger athlete experiencing any of the above conditions, The Option Group can help.

Our managed care services are performed by our compassionate and experienced team members. We invite you to get to know us. Watch our video bios or give us a call!

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How Can The Option Group Help Retired Athletes?

Our eight core knowledge areas guide our managed care for adults. Every plan is fully customized to meet each client’s needs.

Crisis Intervention

Crises can occur when managing care for athletes, particularly when mental health challenges are involved. We can navigate retired athletes through emergencies, rehabilitation stays, hospitalizations, and other crisis situations. From primary care to sports medicine, older athletes deserve great care.

Healthcare Navigation

Whether your loved one formerly played football, hockey, or another intense sport, we can help demystify healthcare. We can attend appointments, communicate with multiple medical teams, and determine which health services will ensure optimal outcomes.

Facility Placement

The right housing accommodations ensure that former athletes have their unique needs met. We survey potential housing options and select the perfect one for aging athletes.

Healthcare Budgeting

Former athletes may require assistance in handling their finances. Our Life Care Professionals can help with paying bills, power of attorney documents and submitting insurance claims.

Family Education

Care management is never easy, and it can be particularly challenging for former athletes. Complex health concerns require family education to navigate the many decisions ensure a great quality of life.

Resources Coordination

The Option Group has access to resources and programs we can offer former athletes and their families when immediate and future care concerns arise.

Patient Advocacy

As Life Care Professionals, we work tirelessly for every client to ensure their needs are met. Our retired athlete clients are no exception.

Legal Resources

Our team can connect retired athletes and their families with legal resources to resolve any related concerns.

As the needs of your loved one change, we will adapt their care plan accordingly. No two athletes are alike, and one managed care plan does not fit all.

How Can I Learn More About Managed Care for Older Athletes?

To learn how our managed care services for athletes can help your loved one live life more comfortably, contact The Option Group today. Call 1-410-667-0266 (Maryland), 1-717-287-9900 / 1-610-885-8899 / 215-896-6756 (Pennsylvania), or 1-302-858-6449 (Delaware).