Our Clients

The Option Group works with family caregivers, medical professionals, and professional family advisors to ensure successful patient outcomes. Don’t take a chance with the well-being of a loved one. Our services ensure they receive the care they deserve.
Our Clients
A Daughter Visiting Her Quarantined Mother Preventing Contracting Corona Virus Through The Window

Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are compassionate heroes working overtime to help their families. Our Life Care Managers help to bridge the gap between the short-term and long-term care that you wish you could provide and the care that your loved one needs. Learn More »
Happy senior woman listening as her doctor is explaining therapy details during house call visit

Medical Professionals

The Option Group offers care management services to support patients inside and outside of the medical office. Our services bridge the gap between the patient care you know they need and the care they or their families are able to provide. Learn More »
Mature couple and insurance agent using computer during consultations in the office.

Professional Family Advisors

The Option Group is dedicated to working with Professional Family Advisors. Whether you work at a small family office or as part of a large group, The Option Group has valuable care coordination and advisory services to offer your clients. Learn More »