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Geriatric/Aging LifeCare Managers
Serving residents in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania

Geriatric/Aging LifeCare Managers (GCM)

Serving residents in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania

A Certified Geriatric/Aging LifeCare Manager can help sort out the issues quickly and professionally to increase safety for the senior.

Our counselors and nurses are trusted advisers that understand the important relationship between their high level of competency, knowledge, and creativity to achieve a cost effective resolution that can help their clients reclaim their lives, increase their quality of life, and remain as independent, safe, and comfortable as possible.

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Our team of certified Geriatric/Aging LifeCare Managers, Vocational Counselors, Rehabilitation Counselors, Social Workers and Nurse Case Managers are dedicated to providing the best options for their clients. Call us today.

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Let GrandPad Help Bridge the Digital Divide During COVID-19

Welcome to GrandPad! Offered by The Option Group, the GrandPad is a handheld tablet that is a simple, secure way for seniors to stay socially connected with family, friends, and caregivers.

The GrandPad is specifically designed to be simple to use for seniors or anyone who is not comfortable with today’s cell phones or computers. A simple tap on one of the GrandPad’s large icons allows the user to make a phone call (either audio or video), view photos or play games and music. Emails are simple to create using voice recording and sent with a touch of a button. No typing! The intuitive interface allows the user to tap on telehealth for doctor visits, or use Zoom to join group engagement activities with friends and other groups. There is even a button to call The Option Group, so you can seamlessly reach your Care Coordinator.

The GrandPad is equipped with a cellular connection, so no WI-FI is necessary. More importantly, the device is secure from scammers and telemarketers, only allowing authorized family members or providers to access the user. Unlike many other devices, the GrandPad is tailored specifically for each user and delivered ready for immediate use.

For more information, or to order your GrandPad, please call or email The Option Group.

At The Option Group, our goal is to enhance the quality of life that allows each person to live the richest, fullest life possible, with safety and dignity.

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Giving Seniors the Options They Deserve

Serving residents in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania

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