We Are Partnering With Family Service Advisors

Do you wish that your team of professional family advisors were better able to meet the holistic needs of clients? Are you concerned that the other medical and life planning needs of your senior clients aren’t being met?

The Option Group provides care management services to support aging adults throughout all of life’s big decisions. In the same manner that your law office or financial planning business helps guide them, we provide the general information and care they need to succeed. Retirement, nursing home placement, and other sensitive topics aren’t just discussed inside of your office. A comprehensive approach can help ensure your clients make the right decision and are fully informed.

Whether you work at a small family practice or part of a large group, The Option Group has valuable care coordination and advisory services to offer your clients.

The Option Group Is Dedicated to Working With Professional Family Advisors

Our family caregivers and patients rely on us to help manage their medical conditions and quality of life. By partnering with experienced legal and financial industry professionals like you, we can help clients thrive.

Our Life Care management services help guide our clients through their many options. Many of the decisions that they make can have retirement, tax, legal, and financial consequences. We go above and beyond to vet all possibilities and present clients with their options.

Could Your Clients Benefit From Our Services?

How much more satisfied would your clients be with your services if they felt supported in making significant financial and legal decisions outside of your office? Would having certain conversations be easier when the family has been educated before arriving at your office? When establishing a level of care and client needs for Power of Attorney and other estate planning documents, how much easier could the process be with an additional family member and client support? As experienced and certified Life Care Professionals we know how to work with families in crisis and making stressful decisions. The more knowledge that you and your families have during these delicate and complex situations, the easier the decisions and conversations become.

Due to the nature of our work, we are very familiar with the personal information and legal constraints of the sensitive work you provide. Our professionals are experienced in the health care, home care, legal, and financial aspects of aging and always looking to supplement the knowledge of family service advisors like you.

Beyond our knowledge of working with clients during stressful situations, we also are in touch with countless local resources your clients may not be aware of. We can identify resources in your clients’ local communities that could be used to help them. As you know, many health care decisions are directly tied to financial and legal decisions. Helping patients access grants, additional funding, or other resources, can benefit the services your office provides.

Our managed care services are performed by our compassionate and experienced team members. We invite you to get to know us. Watch our video bios or give us a call!

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Learn More About How We Are Partnering with Family Service Advisors

The Option Group is uniquely qualified to help caregivers and families work alongside professional family advisors to help their loved ones. Our services are holistic and comprehensive to support the valuable work that your law practice or financial advisory office does.

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