Engagement Activities Program

The Option Group offers engagement activities for your loved one with mild, moderate, or severe dementia.

A Care Manager will come to your home to provide a tailored activity designed to encourage social interaction and conversation, stimulate cognitive skills, decrease anxiety and depression, and enhance one’s quality of life.

These activities incorporate your loved one’s interests and abilities and may involve music, games, discovery activities, performing simple household tasks, gentle movement, arts and crafts, reminiscing, and outings.

As the Caregiver, you may choose to use this time as a respite or join in the fun so you can offer these activities to your loved one at any time. If you are not available during our scheduled time, our Care Manager can work closely with your aide so your loved one can successfully enjoy an engagement activity.

Our engagement activities can also be done virtually. During our scheduled time we will connect either by Zoom or another platform that you are comfortable with. The Care Manager will walk you through the procedure and be available to encourage your loved one to participate, suggest strategies, and ask questions designed to elicit responses from your loved one.

To learn more about our Engagement Services and Gift Cards available, contact us today!