We Are Experienced Life Care Management Professionals

Seniors, adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and minors with special needs all deserve exceptional care. Unfortunately, the care they need is not always the care loved ones can provide. The Option Group has a broad range of Life Care Management services to meet your needs. We also know no two paths are alike. Our managed care plans are customized to each individual.

What Is Life Care Management?

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Life Care Managers are highly educated and experienced professionals who assist families and individuals across various life stages, whether they’re seniors, adults with unique needs, or young individuals with specific challenges. Life Care management ensures that every individual, regardless of age or condition, receives the best care and the highest quality of life possible. This invaluable service greatly reduces the stress of caregivers, be they family members or managed care organizations, who might otherwise feel overwhelmed trying to navigate these complexities alone.

Life Care management adopts a holistic approach, considering the diverse needs of seniors, adults, and young individuals. Its primary goal is to support families in managing the care and well-being of their loved ones, tailoring services to individual requirements across every life stage.

Our managed care services are performed by our compassionate and experienced team members. We invite you to get to know us. Watch our video bios or give us a call!

Meet DeeDee
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Certified Life Care Managers are more than just social workers and nurses. These professionals must pass the rigorous standards for membership in the Aging Life Care Association. This commitment to learning and training allows The Option Group to provide an unparalleled standard of patient care.

What Are the Benefits of Life Care Management?

Has your family had difficulties understanding how to navigate the health system? Does your loved one struggle to make it to primary care physician appointments? Are you concerned that organizations are looking for financial incentives instead of what is best for your loved one?

Life Care management is the answer.
Life Care management can demystify complex situations including estate planning, crisis intervention, care coordination, move coordination, resource development, facility placement, and more. The Life Care Managers at The Option Group give families peace of mind that their loved one is always being taken care of.

What Life Care Management Services Does The Option Group Provide?

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Crisis Intervention

Seniors, adults with disabilities, and others in need of managed care plans can require crisis intervention. We stand by our patients during emergency room visits, hospitalization, or rehabilitation stays, and continually advocate for proper healthcare.

Healthcare Navigation

Our Life Care Managers understand and successfully navigate complex health care networks. From attending physician visits to creating Medicaid managed care plans, our care managers facilitate and clarify communication between a patient’s medical team and family.

Facility Placement

Choosing the right assisted living facility, nursing home, or other care facility is a big decision. We help you fully understand all your options.

Healthcare Budgeting

The financial aspects of aging can be stressful. Our Life Care Professionals help seniors, adults with disabilities, and adults with chronic illness manage their finances. As part of healthcare budgeting, we can explore the health insurance plans and community resources available.

Family Education

An educated family is an empowered family. We help families find answers to their questions and overcome obstacles so their loved ones can have a great quality of life.

Resources Coordination

There are countless community resources available to seniors and aging adults. We help you choose those that best meet your family’s needs.

Patient Advocacy

We put our patients first. Our Life Care Managers ALWAYS advocate for patients and their families.

Legal Resources

The Option Group has extensive contacts with skilled legal counsel to assist you with any elder law or family law needs.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About Life Care Management?

To learn more about Life Care Managers and how our compassionate efforts can help your family, contact The Option Group today.
Call 1-410-667-0266 (Maryland), 1-717-287-9900 / 1-610-885-8899 / 215-896-6756 (Pennsylvania), or 1-302-858-6449 (Delaware).