Vocational Services

Helping You Achieve Independence and Fulfillment in the Workplace

At The Option Group, we understand that every individual, regardless of the challenges they face, has the potential to contribute meaningfully to the workplace. Our vocational services are designed to support adults aged 21-54 with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other issues, ensuring they have access to opportunities that enhance their quality of life.

Job Coaching

Tailored Guidance to Excel at Work

Starting a new job or adapting to a new role can be daunting. Our dedicated job coaches work one-on-one with clients, offering tailored guidance and support. From learning specific job duties to navigating workplace relationships, we provide the tools and techniques to ensure you flourish.

Interview Readiness

Making a Lasting First Impression

A successful interview is the first step toward job placement. Our team offers mock interview sessions, feedback on communication skills, and advice on presentation. We help build confidence, ensuring everyone feels prepared and poised to impress potential employers.

Job Placement Assistance

Connecting You with the Right Opportunities

Finding a suitable job can be a challenge. With our extensive network and deep understanding of our client’s strengths and needs, we work diligently to match individuals with the right employment opportunities. Our goal? To pave the path for long-term job satisfaction and success.

Job Maintenance

Ensuring Continued Success in Your Role

Our support doesn’t end once you’ve secured a position. The Option Group is committed to ensuring you thrive in your role. From addressing workplace challenges to adapting to new job responsibilities, we provide ongoing guidance, helping you maintain job stability and satisfaction.

Empowering Your Future

Our vocational services are more than just about job placement. They’re about empowerment, independence, and enhancing the quality of life. Whether entering the workforce for the first time or looking for a fresh start, The Option Group is your partner in achieving your vocational aspirations.

Ready to embrace a brighter vocational future?
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