We Are Partnering With Medical Professionals

Are you frustrated from giving patients medical advice they can’t or won’t heed? Are you concerned that your patients lack the support they need at home? Is your holistic approach to medicine going unrealized because of a lack of at-home follow-through?

The Option Group offers care management services to support patients inside and outside of the medical office. Our services bridge the gap between the patient care you know they need and the care they or their families are able to provide.

We engage in care coordination to keep doctors, families, patients, and other care team members all on the same page throughout the care process. From physical therapists to registered nurses, we know how to make the follow-through and communication you are searching for a reality.

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The Option Group Is Dedicated to Working With Medical Professionals

Our family caregivers and patients rely on us to help manage their medical conditions and quality of life. We know that by working alongside doctors and nurses, we can all experience the best outcomes possible.

Care coordination is so effective because it organizes patient care activities and shares the information with the broader care team. No more wondering if occupational therapy is being completed or if a home health aide visited on time. Now, you will know exactly what care was administered.

What Care Coordination Activities Can The Option Group Complete?

All our care coordination activities are designed to help all members of the care team, from physician assistants to nursing home workers, remain informed of the patient’s progress. Our care coordination services can include:

  • Establishing accountability
  • Agreeing on health and medical goals
  • Ensuring complete medical records
  • Communicating and sharing knowledge
  • Assisting with care transitions
  • Assessing patient needs
  • Creating proactive short-term and long-term care plans
  • Following up with patients
  • Identifying new concerns
  • Observing medication or procedure side effects
  • Connecting patients and families with community resources

Uncoordinated care can lead to poor medical outcomes and medical professionals who feel as if their care efforts are not providing expected results.

Could Your Patients and Families Benefit From Our Services?

How could your work be further enhanced with someone working directly with your patients and their families? As certified Life Care Managers, we have the answers to your questions and provide excellent outcomes.

We Are Here to Help Family Caregivers

Our eight core knowledge areas guide our managed care plans. Each plan is customized to meet every client’s needs.

Crisis Intervention

Older adults and adults with disabilities can find themselves in crisis situations. We coordinate care between emergency departments, intensive care units, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities. We work hard to ensure all physical therapists, medical assistants, nursing home workers, and doctors are fully informed of the patient’s situation.

Healthcare Navigation

The world of healthcare is very complex. As a doctor, you know how fragmented the connections between different health services can be. We help our patients identify services that could help them. We also ensure that doctors’ recommendations are carried out at home. The work that you do in your office won’t just stay there. Instead, your recommendations will be implemented and distributed to family members and other medical field professionals.

Community & Facility Placement

We have access to a broad range of housing solutions to meet the needs of patients. As your patient’s situation evolves, we can work with their family to determine if assisted living facilities or nursing homes could be an appropriate option.

Healthcare Budgeting

Patients can have trouble managing their funds. Caregivers can also lack the knowledge of financial resources available to help their loved ones. We work with medical professionals and caregiver families to keep medical costs down and access as much funding as possible.

Family Education

We work directly with families, and we can help families adjust to new diagnoses, changes in care requirements, and problems that arise. Our family education is an effective tool to connect doctors and family members who are a long distance away.

Resources Coordination

We know many resources in your local community and how to enroll your patients for these benefits.

Patient Advocacy

Our in-depth knowledge of local resources can pinpoint new resources that can supplement the medical care the patient is receiving.

Legal Resources

Finally, our legal experts can assist with any legal challenges the patients have.

Learn More About How We Are Partnering with Medical Professionals

The Option Group is uniquely qualified to help caregivers and families work alongside medical professionals to help their loved ones. Our services are holistic and comprehensive to support the valuable work your medical practice provides.

Contact The Option Group today to learn more about our care coordination and managed care services by
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