Addressing Sensitive Issues: A Helpful Guide to Talking with Your Aging Parents

Sep 29, 2021 | Resource Guides

No one likes to think about losing their independence or having to leave their beloved home, but these are the realities that often come with aging.

To help a senior loved one manage issues like these, the first step requires candid conversations about their health, safety, and the various challenges they may be facing. It’s best to start these discussions well in advance to provide ample time to consider and plan all aspects that may be required and to involve your parent in the decision-making process. This ensures that their wishes are carried out regarding medical treatment, long-term care, and financial decisions. These topics tend to be personal and emotional, so the way the conversation is approached is vitally important.

In this guide, we will address common issues that emerge with aging parents and provide helpful guidance on how to frame these sensitive issues in a respectful way that will create the best outcomes for your loved one and greater peace of mind for everyone involved.

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