Feb 18, 2021 | Presentations & Podcasts

ProAging Podcast By Steve Gurney
Discussions on a variety of topics related to positive aging and the longevity marketplace.

Ellen Platt, President of The Option Group, joined Steve Gurney and fellow panelists on February 10, 2021, for an educational conversation that explains the role of an Aging Life Care Manager.

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About The Option Group: Founded in 2010, The Option Group’s compassionate team of experienced Certified Life Care Managers serves families, their loved ones, medical professionals, and professional family advisors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The firm understands the challenges of caring for an individual who needs assistance due to aging, dementia, disability, or serious illness. Their skilled providers possess over 100 years of combined experience navigating the healthcare maze and accessing hundreds of quality resources. The Option Group helps families spend quality time with their loved ones, providing clear choices that lead to better care. For more information, visit www.theoptiongroup.net or call 410-667-0266 (MD) or 717-287-9900 / 610-885-8899 (PA) / or 302-858-6449 (DE).