Oct 20, 2020 | Elder Care, General

If you were happy with your prescription drug coverage during the year 2020, it is still a best practice to visit the Medicare.gov website to review the plans that are offered. Take the opportunity to review your coverage last year and choose the best plan to lower your overall cost of medications.

Medicare Part D open enrollment begins October 15, 2020 and will run through December 7, 2020.

By this time, you should have received your copy of “MEDICARE & YOU” handbook. In addition to this updated resource, there are additional resources in your community to assist with this process.

Things to consider when reviewing the plans that are offered:

  • If you acknowledged gaps in your Medicare coverage, or paid out of pocket for prescriptions more than normal
  • If you are taking different medications, a new plan may save you money
  • If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can switch to Original Medicare
  • If you currently have Medicare Part D, or a Medicare Advantage plan, you should receive an ANOC (Annual notice of change) from your plan. These notices should reflect any changes in your plan’s benefits, cost’s, or rules for 2021.
  • Even if you are happy with your current plan, it could prove to be beneficial to review different Medicare Part D plans that have changed for the upcoming year.

Additional helpful information when you visit your pharmacy:

  • Request a 90-day supply; three refills in one trip
  • Request generic medications; lower priced medications might be available
  • Make sure that the bottles are easy to open and you are confident in the administration of the medication
  • Make sure that the information for each prescription is easy to read
  • Mark your calendar for October of 2021 to remind you of open enrollment for next year!

As always, The Option Group looks forward to working with you and your loved ones and welcome your calls and questions as we navigate together.

Maryland Residents:

Please see the list below of the county SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Programs) offices. They are available to answer your questions and assist you in navigating this information.

Anne Arundel County: (410) 222-4257
Baltimore City: (410) 396-2273
Baltimore County: (410) 887-2059
Carroll County: (410) 386-2400
Harford County: (410) 638-3025
Howard County: (410) 313-7392
Montgomery County: (301) 255-4250
Prince Georges County: (301) 265-8471

In addition, help and assistance is available 24 hours a day, including weekends by calling (800) MEDICARE (800-633-4227). The Maryland Department of Aging can be reached at (800) 243-3425.

Medicare also has a plan finder tool: https://www.medicare.gov/blog/find-medicare-plans

Pennsylvania Residents:

FREE insurance counseling is available by calling the APPRISE HELPLINE at 1-800-783-7067. These appointments can be by way of phone, virtual, or in-person by special arrangement.

In addition, help and assistance is available 24 hours a day, including weekends by calling (800) MEDICARE (800-633-4227).

Medicare also has a plan finder tool: https://www.medicare.gov/blog/find-medicare-plans

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