For older adults, cognition can be considered a “vital sign”. Vital signs are measurements of the body’s basic functions and are vital for healthy functioning. Cognition is at the center of everything we do and is essential for us to successfully perform everyday tasks. It consists of multiple domains, especially attention, memory (e.g. remembering to take medications, remembering a doctor appointment), and executive functions (e.g. judgment, problem-solving, reasoning).

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting residents and their families in unprecedented ways. Rates of anxiety and depression are rising in all age groups, as people struggle to cope with COVID-19 related stress, exhaustion, and distress. Simultaneously, residents are feeling isolated from caregivers and families, and are demonstrating increased symptoms of anxiety, fear, and depression.

The ENRICH® Brain Health program, a free toolkit of assessment tools and wellness materials, can help residents to maintain both their mental health and cognitive wellness during this time.

To become a member of this free ENRICH® Brain Health Program and learn more about the tools and resources to address cognitive health and wellness, go to

The ENRICH® Brain Health Program offers a simple two step approach:

  • Step 1: Watch the message from Dr. William Mansbach to learn about brain health, memory and mood
  • Step 2: Complete the free, self-assessment tools to identify cognitive and mood changes
  • Step 3: Start a scientifically validated cognitive exercise program

The research and evidence behind the benefits of cognitive exercise and its relationship to brain health, and maintaining an independent lifestyle is plentiful and validates this wellness programming.

These free screening tools can be done independently by residents in the comfort of their own home, or with assistance from family or staff. This program will offer residents a proactive approach to cognitive wellness and allows them to “spot check” their mental health and cognition during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.