Sep 6, 2020 | Elder Care, General

Maryland COVID-19 Crisis Support Program:

Free Mental Health for Frontline Workers

The Maryland COVID-19 Crisis Support Program is a new program that provides free, confidential mental health support to employees of Maryland’s long-term health care facilities impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Skilled nursing and other long-term facility staffs have found themselves at the frontlines of this pandemic. Their dedication to their patients and their colleagues has caused incredible stress. Thank you for your work during this challenging time. Now we encourage you to take care of yourself.

Free mental health services include:

  • Individual counseling support for employees
  • Self-care and stress management education via health and wellness webinars
  • Management consultation focused on building employee morale and sustaining long-term wellbeing
  • Group support for specific workgroups/teams/shifts
  • Group critical incident debriefings focused on specific traumatic events
  • Bereavement coaching
  • Facilitated wellness and stress management discussions open to all employees

Services will be provided virtually by licensed mental health clinicians provided by the Workforce Trauma Center (WTC). MIEMSS staff are available to visit the site to facilitate virtual services, including technical support if needed.

Get Help Now
To receive mental health services for yourself or your organization CLICK HERE

If you have an urgent request, please contact MIEMMS

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for this service you must work for a Maryland long term care facility or other eligible Maryland facility designated by the State of Maryland.

Funding for this program is provided by the State of Maryland through the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIESS) and Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).

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