Wellness During Uncertainty

January 11, 2022

Sponsored by Elville and Associates, this webinar features Ellen Platt, a Certified Aging LifeCare Manager and Owner of The Option Group, and Dr. Michelle Fritsch, a board-certified, doctorally trained health professional and founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies and co-founder of Propel Comprehensive Wellness. In this interactive Wellness Series, you will learn tangible steps to make 2022 a year of health and wellness, as well as new ways to care for yourself and those you love during the ups and downs that the year will hold.

Please register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1677272421932815883 to receive your personal link.

Should you have any questions before the webinar, please contact Community Relations Director Jeff Stauffer at [email protected], or 443-393-7696 x117.


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