Ellen Platt, founder and owner of The Option Group, discussed the benefits of our services on WMAR-TV’s “Midday Maryland” show. Ellen is both a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and a Certified Professional Geriatric/Aging LifeCare Manager, with a span of 30 years providing care management and case coordination services to those with catastrophic injury, chronic diseases, and disabilities. With her experience, she created The Option Group to address similar needs and services specifically for seniors or those with special conditions and their family caregivers and guardians. Her primary practice focuses on working with caregivers and aging families and the large variety of issues and needs specific to navigating the healthcare industry.

WMAR-TV is airing a separate program featuring Ellen and Director Bob Pearce. “Discover the Power of Age” will focus on the challenges and options for families struggling to safely care for an aging loved one.

For more information contact The Option Group:
Maryland Residents: 410-667-0266
Southeastern and South-Central Pennsylvania Residents: 717-287-9900
Email: [email protected]

Midday Maryland Interview with Ellen Platt